Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers & Julep Brooklyn Swatches

So what kind of red glitter person are YOU? I kept hearing from a few friends that Julep Brooklyn was Ruby Red Slippers in a red base instead of black. Let me just say now, NO. The are so different and unique, the only similarities between them are they both are nail polish and both are in the red family of colours. Ruby red slippers is a black jelly with small and hexagonal red glitter. The Julep is a ruby red jellyish (more like a jelly crème hybrid) with red glitter mixed in. When you wear the Ruby Red Slippers it almost looks like the glitter sits on top of the nail (like you are wearing black nail polish and put on a red glitter top coat), Brooklyn has a completely different feel to it. It looks like the glitter is shining from within the polish if that makes sense? It certainly doesn't look like a glitter top coat sitting on top. The depth and texture is shockingly intense and detailed. Now if you are wondering why this swatch of Brooklyn look so completely and utterly different than the swatch when I got the polish, this is with a top coat. The look of the polish is dramatically altered by a shiny top coat (the Dior fast dry top coat is my go to)

So with the upcoming holidays, the question remains,. how do YOU red glitter???

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