Saturday, November 19, 2011

bystringtheory is now shipping to canada!! did i order too much?

So.......... For those of you who have no idea who or what bystringtheory is, click there for the most interesting hand made glitters I have ever seen. Unfortunately she never shipped to Canada before. SHE DOES NOW!! Not all of her polishes will ship here (not sure why some do and some dont) but I noticed something interesting she now had for sale.  Forgive me, but all these pictures are copied from her website!

Let me introduce to you the NerdLacquer Boxed Mini Quad!!! For 12.00 you get to choose any 4 colours bystringtheory makes, and instead of 15ml bottles, you get 5ml bottles! Now I never come CLOSE to going through a bottle of polish so this was PERFECT for me! The best thing? IT ships to Canada, so it then means all the colours ship to Canada through this brilliant option! So instead of paying 11.00 for the first polish and 10.00 for each subsequent one (thats with shipping included) I can pay 15.50  for the first QUAD and 14.50 for each subsequent one!

So as I could not afford to try all I wanted, I was trying to work out the 3 I most wanted. I am so happy I noticed this little option. So instead, I chose 12 minis I wanted! I will post swatches when they come, but I am so excited, I wanted to show you all now which 12 I ordered!!


  1. It is not very often that someone introduces me to a polish brand that I don't know about, but you've done it! These are PHENOMENAL! I need All of Time and Space and Nebula. Amazing! Can't wait to see swatches of these =)

  2. Thanks for ur info :3
    I just ordered 4 minis ;3



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