Friday, November 18, 2011

Nails Inc Crystal Colour

I am going to tell you NOT to buy these. They are a waste of money. At the same time these colours are stunning and you NEED to go get them. Confused? Let me explain. These are limited edition nail polishes that have a crystal embossed lid. For the privilege of that "pretty" lid, you get to pay more than double the cost. The regular polishes retail for 11.50 (9.50 US) and these polishes (the same, just with the bedazzled lid) retail for 24.00 (19.50 US). When I walked into my sephora (they don't carry the full Nails Inc line) they had a display of these blinged out ones with a sign saying 11.50.  The manager honoured the price for me as they were clearly priced that way, and then she quickly removed the sign. Now if we had had the normal  ones, i still would have preferred the normal ones as I am not a crystal kind of gal. That and my obsessive compulsion for all my polishes to match up and be the same! The only colours our store got in were these two:

The purple is Regents Place and the grey is The Thames. These polishes were GORGEOUS! I would compare both of these in formula to Julep and Illamasqua. Yes! They were THAT good!!!! They applied smoothly and easily and were opaque in one coat.

The purple is almost metallic in nature. A deep royal purple with intense pink micro shimmer. The Shimmer doesn't translate on the nail into seeing pink, but it picks up and reflects the light beautifully. The grey is a smooth clean cement grey crème. It may not be the most original or interesting colour there is, but its beautiful. Not too dark, not too light, just right.  These two definitely have me excited to try the other regular polishes by this brand!


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a crystal kind of gal; but I wouldn't pay double just for the lid! I wish I had a Sephora here, there is a counter at the JC Penny.

  2. Where are you? I want to at some point cross the border to hit an american sephora. i want the normal nails inc. the closest american sephora only a few hours drive away would be in the jc penny in Fargo. do they not carry nails inc?



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