Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Dance Music Trio Swatches & Review

The Deborah Lippmann Dance Music set is a set of 3 holographic glitter polishes. Both Nails Inc and Wet N Wild have recently come out with very similar colours. But there are certain things I LOVE about these little polishes!!

To start with, the bottles are SOOOO Cute! Unlike most of her past miniature polishes, these ones are in tiny replica glass bottles! They are the exact same glass bottles (just smaller!) as her regular full size ones.

Now one thing to be dreaded with mini bottles are the obnoxious and much too small brushes. The nice thing about these polishes is that the brush is quite a decent and generous size considering how small the bottles are. Beware though, you have to be VERY careful getting the brush back into the bottles. If your not careful, part of the brush will miss and you risk messing up the brush.

The colours are gorgeous. Included in this set are Just Dance, Flash Dance and Dancing In The Dark. Now all three of these dry a semi-matte and gritty. But be warned - THEY EAT TOP COAT! It took 3 coats just to feel smooth and after 6 hours or so it feels like it probably needs coat 4! Only issue I have with these, though from what I hear the other holographic glitters coming out have the same issues.

Just Dance is a sheer aqua base coat jam packed with both aqua micro glitter and also has slightly larger aqua glitter flakes as well. It took 4 coats to be opaque, but knowing how stubborn the glitter can be to remove, i would probably opt to use it as a top coat on top of a similar shade of polish or black. Shown as one coat, and as 4 coats.

Dancing in the Dark is described byNordstrom as "disco ball in the dark - glitter" This is a sheer grey jelly base that is full of gunmetal micro glitter and the larger holographic glitter. Shown with one coat and four to show you opacity.

Now as mentioned before, these seem to be quite reminiscent of all the other holographic glitters coming out right now. One of them I happen to have and is Sloane Square from Nails Inc. In the bottle it looks like a slightly darker version of the same colour. ON the nail however its actually a good 2 shades LIGHTER than the Lippmann one! It is also much thinner and to be honest, the Lippmann was a much easier formula to work with. On the below swatches the Lippmann is on the left, the Nails Inc on the right (which is opposite the bottle pictures which has the Lippmann on the right.

The last polish in this set is Flash Dance which Nordstrom describes as "electrifying orchid - glitter". Flash Dance is small purple micro glitter along with micro magenta glitter and larger magenta glitter pieces in a magenta jelly base. Once more shown as one coat along with 4 coats. Also shown as a top coat over Nails Inc Regents Place.

For anyone still looking to purchase these in Canada you can contact your local Holt Renfrew, or better yet, call or email the MOST amazing sales associate I have ever dealt with.

Melanie Drain


  1. They are really pretty, but they look very similar to the Wet n Wild Ice Baby collection. The mini bottles are super cute though!

  2. I've only used the blue shade so far, but it was sufficiently opaque on the nail in two coats. :)



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