Friday, November 18, 2011

Butter London Tart With A Heart - Pink or Gold??

So let me start by saying this is not my polish. Its my mom's. It is a brand new polish she got from the same fan-freaking-tastic woman who sent me my new Givenchy polish I am in love with! I run a nail polish gift exchange 4-5 times a year and this time I didn't feel comfortable committing to participating as I was not sure if health wise I would be able to. So my mom participated in my place and WOW! Her Secret New Years Date (nope, not Secret Santa this year!) was AMAZING! Anyway, on to the polish.
This is the image on the Butter London site. The description reads "Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice. *Limited Edition* (Not available UK)"

Clearly this is a PINK!! THEN my mom is shopping at Nordstrom's on a trip and sees it and tells me its gold. "NO MOM!!! ITS PINK!! SEE??? (as I am pointing to the website and the description). And the fight goes on. Then my mom gets this polish in her gift and says "SEE??? GOLD!" where I say at basically the same time "I TOLD YOU! ITS PINK!" So which is it? I'll let you decide based on the pictures (very very colour accurate. They look identical on my screen and in my hand!)

I see this colour as a very pale rose gold. I certainly see pink in this. But either way, its a very girly delicate colour, perfect for the holidays. It is certainly NOT my style, and too "pretty" for me. But a lovely unique colour for many. I have swatched it on its own, and over Givenchy Nuit Celeste and over Butter London Knees Up (which I will post pictures and reviews up in the next few days). All swatches are of one coat of Tart With A Heart.


  1. So gorgeous!! Why, oh why, doesn't Nordstrom ship NP to Canada??? I so wanted to buy this and Black Knight!

  2. They dont, but butter londons canadian website has these and they are limited edition so GET EM while you can!!! Holt Renfrew I am not sure if they carry them, I have a sales associate looking into it for me as my mom wants Fairy Lights.

  3. Why, oh why did I check out the butter website?? Now I'm really going to be in trouble! LOL! Would it be weird if all my Xmas presents were NPs??

  4. Ladies! Go here:
    They are a Canadian-based company:)

  5. If you are going to go through glymm, id love if you would sign up through my link!



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