Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dior Diva Program

It has just come to my attention that not everyone knows about the Dior Diva program. I was just talking to a fellow blogger and she had not heard of it. This stunned and shocked me and so I messaged a third blogger and said "quick question, do you take advantage of the dior diva program?" I got a confused reply. Well all I can say is

Wow! Well let me just say, this program is AWESOME and other brands need to adopt it! We all like shopping when there is a gift with purchase. What if there was always a gift with purchase? What if you could decide how big you wanted your gift with purchase, or how much you wanted to have to spend to get your gift with purchase? Dior makes these dreams come true with the Dior Diva program. Simply save up all your reciepts from Dior purchases (sephora, department stores, online, dior boutiques, it matters not!) and when you have reached the level you want, just send them in! One dollar equals one point! Easy as that!
Last years reward levels looked like this:
Now I just submitted my reciepts for the year, and I am gutted I only hit the 750.00 range! The traincase is AWESOME!!!!! But hey! 3 FULL SIZE products, minis, and a make up bag and all I had to do was save reciepts? If you buy 5 nail polish in a year, or a foundation and mascara, your already at the 100 point perk. I got my form from a Dior counter at the Bay, when I lived in NY I also got the form from a department store Dior counter. I am sure you can also download the form online. Here is a copy of the American form. Canada too has this program.
Now the only catch, if you can call it one, is all the receipts have to be from the same calendar year. Not to shabby if you ask me! When I get my gift Ill show you all what I got!!


  1. That program is full of awesome! Wish I'd saved all my Dior receipts. But I will from now on and I'll sign up PDQ! Thanks!

  2. That's so mean! There is no diva program in Austria :( I'm totally jealous !

  3. I would contact dior directly. Are you sure there is not? 3 years ago i was told there was no dior diva program in Canada (buy a dior sales associate!) when there was.



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