Friday, November 11, 2011

Laura Mercier Twilight Nail Polish Swatches

I had no idea this polish existed. I don't know how it skipped my radar. But it did. I had no idea it existed and am so thankful to Deborah Lippmann for making me go to Holt Renfew and thus see this beauty. It has been in my to be swatched and posted pile for a looooooooooooong time so I am happy to finally get it done!
I tried so hard to capture the shimmer and sparkle and depth of this polish but it really doesn't do it justice! It is stunning and beautiful and I love it!! The one and only issue I have with this polish (and all other Laura Mercier polishes) is the stupid handle/cap. It is awkward, uncomfortable and stupid to use. And the brush isn't even great enough to make up for the cap handle.
Now with that complaint out of the way, the application itself was nice, the formula smooth and easy to apply and the colour STUNNING!
Look how stunning and gorgeous it is! And as pretty as the colour is here, its ten times more so in person!


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