Friday, November 25, 2011

Tony Moly GT05 (Jupiter) Swatches!!

GT05 also known as Jupiter is from teh Galaxy Collection from Tony Moly. This was part of a gift that came in the mail today, along with another gorgeous purple that I will post next, but to be very honest, if I were going to purchase just ONE Tony Moly, it would not only be from this collection, it would be THIS colour! Im OVER THE MOON with this polish! (haha, no pun intended!). Now forgive all the shots, but I just couldn't stop taking photos!!

Its base is a purple jelly jam packed (and I mean JAMP PACKED!!) with small purple hext glitter, medium sized blue hex glitter, ad small redish square glitter. Its fairly thick, but unlike most glitters, its super smooth and flows very very easily.

That is one coat people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How FREAKING awesome is THAT????


  1. wow just one coat O_O! this looks just awesome!!!

  2. that is such a pretty color. i am in love! can tony moly be purchased in the us?

  3. You just reminded me I need to order this one! Plus a few other too. :)

  4. i totally need the rest of this collection as well! but i am holding off ordering till january! they BETTER still be there. or ill cry! lol.

  5. i'm obsessed with this color. but i'm scared to wear it too often haha. don't want it to run out!



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