Saturday, November 5, 2011

Julep - An Updated Collection

So I thought I would do an updated post of my Julep collection. There seems to be a consensus that shopping off the website is at times hard to do with the non existent swatch pictures!! Hope this helps some!!! Be warned, VERY picture heavy!!!
The Bottles

Helena, Mandy, Cameron, Natalie, Carrie

Alicia, Gloria, Jennifer, Whitney, Toni, Sienna

Brooklyn, Salma, Catherine, Demi, Lucy, Keira

Anne, Gayle, Trina, Choloe, Maggie

Annette, Dendrie, Vanessa, Leighton, Kim

Alfre, Taylor, Amy, Jaime, Michelle, Diane, Emilie
Gloria, Alicia, Jennifer, Whitney

Annette, Dendrie, Alfre, Anne

Maggie, Jamie, Amy, Brooklyn

Gayle, Keira, Lucy

Demi, Catherine, Helena

Toni, Emilie, Vanessa, Leighton

Kim, Chloe, Trina, Michelle

Diane, Taylor, Sienna


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