Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sephora by OPI Nail Glitter vs Gosh Nail Glitter

Let me just start by saying this battle is not even CLOSE to a fair fight. Sephora by OPI nail glitter as far as I am concerned can all be tossed in the trash can. It has so many issues I dont even think the 5.00 price tag (7.00 in Canada) makes it worth while.
Now in the scheme of things, not the biggest concern. Does not effect the way the product works. But the cheap card the Sephora one is on certainly LOOKS cheap. I like the cute box the gosh one comes in. Also, NOWHERE on the packaging, the container, or the website does it say a volume, weight, or any other measurement to tell us consumers how much product we are getting. Gosh on the other hand clearly states it on the box.

So the actual container holding the glitter is the next issue for me. The Sephora by OPI one is a little cheap plastic container, very hard to hold, and filled TO THE VERY TOP with glitter. NOT a good thing. The minute you open it for the first time the stuff falls out everywhere. Also, you have to stick your finger IN TO the container to use it. If its filled to the top, and you stick your finger in, guess what's going to happen? Pure physics says you're going to have a MESS and a waste of product. The gosh jar is deeper, an easy screw off lid easy to hold, and it comes with a plastic insert you remove. This INSURES you have space enough in the jar for your finger. WITHOUT a mess. It also insures you won't spill anything when opening the lid!

Ok, Sephora by OPI comes in 5 shades, this being gunmetal. The colour is more holographic and interesting than the Gosh Grey Moonstone, but Gosh comes in TEN colours. None as interesting or multidimensional as this Sephora one, but if its application sucks, the subject is moot. That all being said, I personally like the grey better. I am not a very blingy person!

Now for application, I have already touched on the largest issue. The impossibility of using the Sephora without making a big mess. The waste of product. So we will skip that. The Sephora does NOT stick to the nail as well as the Gosh does, and it kind of falls off. Once dry the Gosh is STUCK! I put a top coat on cause its rough, but its not needed to keep the glitter in place. The Sephora does not harden like that. The top coat was problematic to place over top and ended with patchy and bald spots where the brush brushed away glitter. In the pictures the Gosh is on the left, the Sephora by OPI is on the right.


  1. I have some of these and I've always mixed them in a thick topcoat (like Seche for suspension) never even thought to do it like this! Cool.

  2. These are sooooo gorgeous!! I love it!!!

  3. ugh so depressed to hear the Sephora one is bad to work with. I love the sparkle colour of it more than the gosh.



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