Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Pays To Buy Anna Sui Nail Polishes!!!

I have never tried ANY products by Anna Sui before. I have never WANTED to. I find the cutesy pretty packaging a real turn off for me! It reminds me of the kids makeup you see in the toy sections of supermarkets. It may appeal to some, but its not MY style.

That being said, I have had a $28 dollar credit for Sears sitting in my wallet for more than a year. Yesterday I decided to finally buy a polish and satisfy my curiosity about the brand. I looked through ALL the colours they had and there were only two polishes I even remotely thought I would wear. At $15 a polish, I thought what the heck and bought both. it ended up costing me less than five dollars after tax so what did I have to lose? Little did I know JUST what I would get for that $5!!

The first polish, colour 103 (yes, they are only numbered! I hate that too, but we will skip the rant) seemed to be a really pretty multi toned sapphire blue shimmer. When applied, it seemed a slightly disappointing navy that very barely showed the shimmer.
This one, 201 in the bottle was a light lilac with ultra fine red, blue, green and pink shimmer. It was definitely less of a disappointment and translated pretty well onto the nail, though I think it leans a litte too pink for my liking.  Both colours though while they looked runny and thin and worried me, were a nice formula to apply and were both opaque in two thin coats. Drying time was also quite reasonable. Overall, if you are a glittery, sparkly person I think this line will really speak to you and is quite decent in quality. I do not however foresee myself purchasing  more of these polishes unless the colour selection is revamped!
Now, these were purchased yesterday evening during a big beauty gala event. Each counter was raffling off a gift basket and when you made a purchase at a counter your name went into both a draw for THAT basket, and then for a big multi brand gift basket. And guess what????? I got a phone call today that I WON THE ANNA SUI GIFT BASKET!!!!!!! (insert crowd cheering!)
 You will note, there is no nail polish in the gift basket. LOL!

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer Of Love Eau De Toilette Spray - Described as a a sexy, sweet & romantic fragrance for girls having love fantasy Inspired by the 1960es which is a time of music, fashion, freedom Top notes of bergamot, aquatic hyssop & geranium Middle notes of freesia, water lily & white peach Base notes of musky rose, sandalwood & ambergris It is definitely a fruity scent which is exactly what I like! It is a 75ml/2.5 FL. OZ. bottle and it retails for $85.00.

The next perfume in the gift basket is Flight of Fancy which is described as an enchanting blend of exotic temptations: Litchi, Yuzu, and Java Lemon, sprinkled with Purple Rain Freesia, Rose Blossom and Amber Crystals. Reach serenity and certainty as the fragrance leads onward to White Woods and Skin Musk. A truly transforming adventure. This one is out of my comfort zone. I don't dislike it, but I would never ever have purchased it on my own. It will defineily be an experiment. This one is also a 75ml, or 2.5 FL. OZ. bottle and retails for $84.00. 
So the perfumes alone $169.00! That on its own isn't bad!
Next up is a lipgloss and a mascara. The mascara I have not used yet, but its a black mascara. I personally find black too harsh for me, and this one called "super black" is certainly not up my alley being that I am a super pale girl with dirty/blonde to red hair! I will stick with my browns! It does however get great reviews and retails for $30.00

The lipgloss Sui 001, asside from having glitter stars floating in it smells HORRIBLE!! Now by horrible I should clarify and say it smells like ROSES! My least favourite scent in the universe. Now I have been assured the stars are unlikely to come out and playing with it, they don't come out, but still. It retails for $24.00
Last up is the moisturising milk and moisturising gel cream. Both of these are small little samples. They also both SMELL LIKE ROSES!!! I hate roses. Right there no other information is required in my world. They will under no circumstance be used or opened again by me! 
All in all, its a pretty nice basket to have won, and TOTALLY surprised me and thrilled me when I got that phone call! 



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