Thursday, November 17, 2011

Givenchy Vernis Please! Nail Lacquer in Noir Céleste (with swatches and comparisons)

When I saw the promotional shots for Givenchy Nuit Celeste Collection for Holiday 2011, I instantly fell in love with the Vernis Please! in NOIR CÉLESTE N°176. Look how stunning the promo pic is:

This is a "me" colour if ever I saw one. I knew I had to have it. I waited only to find out it was an online only item at Sephora. That would be fine if I was American. But I am not. And as such, I have to pay INSANE shipping amounts to get it sent to me. Unlike the 50.00 for free shipping in the United States, we have to spend 120.00 to get that same free shipping. So it would end up costing me well over thirty dollars for a polish that retails for 16.50. I waited. I talked myself out of it. Then into it. And it was sold out. BAH!!!!!!! But then............ I GOT IT SENT TO ME AS A GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me present to you.......... NOIR CELESTE!

Look at its beauty! There are people who have been disappointed in the way the colour translates onto the nail. I on the other hand LOVE it! I was in no way shape or form expecting a gift (the package was for my mom, the gift for my mom, and this beauty was in the box with MY NAME ON IT). If the wonderful lovely lady who sent this to me reads this, I hope she knows how much it excited me!
I don't wear black crème nail polishes, but I love these glittery blacks! It gives so much depth and detail, and they just make me happy! Last year Dior came without a very similar polish called Black Sequins. While it was not ever available for sale here, my dior counter was accidentally sent a tester which ended up, you guessed it! In MY collection.

They are very very similar polishes, but at the same time different. The only real difference is that the Givenchy one is about two shades darker. Otherwise, they are very similar. I am over the moon that I have both, but seeing as Noir Celeste is sold out and selling for insane amounts on resale sites, I would say that if you have Dior Black Sequins you can skip this one. If on the other hand you missed out on both, I would keep an eye out for either or! They really are close!
Dior on the left, Givenchy on the right in the sunlight

Dior on the left, Givenchy on the right in the sunlight


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