Friday, November 4, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Sheets & Lets Hear it for the Boy

So guess what I FINALLY got in the mail the other day??? I am so happy and thankful to the lovely lady who went out and bought these JUST for me!! I had two polishes to swap and she knew I wanted this set so she purchased these JUST TO TRADE WITH ME!!!! To the lovely lady (you know who you are!) you made my day!!!

Lets Hear it for the Boy is a light baby blue colour that really doesn't fit in my polish collection at all! I have almost no pastels and never quite took myself for a pastel kind of girl. Well once more, I'm WRONG! I love it and can not wait to put Lippmann Glitter in the Air, MACUnconditionally Fabulous or Julep Vanessa on top! As for Dancing in the Sheets - OMG! Is it blue? Purple? Its IN MY HANDS, and I still don't know. Its a dark purple base with so much blue microshimmer that depending on which way you look and what way the light hits it, it can be blue or purple! It is utterly unique and unlike anything I have. Also, when next to any purple it screams BLUE, but next to any blue, it screams PURPLE!  The actual colour is a royal purple with deep intense royal blue shimmer. And it is total LOVE for me!

The top one shows off the light blue much better, the bottom picture shows off more of the duo-chrome like finish of the other! But its total love for both on my end!


  1. I bought this set, and while I love Dancing in the Sheets I don't really care for Let's Hear it For The Boy. I might try and layer stuff over it.

  2. Love them both! How many coats did it take for the blue one to be opaque?

  3. Would you call Let's hear it for the boy pure blue, or periwinkle? I've heard conflicting reports...

  4. Its a pastel blue. No periwinkle at all. Periwinkle is my favourite shade. kind of a hybrid of blue and purple. This is just a very very light blue. Pretty. But no periwinkle in it.



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