Sunday, November 13, 2011

LUSH Cosmetics Candy Cane Soap

This is the YUMMIEST smelling LUSH soap I have ever tried. And trust me, I LOVE ME MY LUSH!!! But this one...... oh my gosh! Seriously! It smells minty with a touch of sweetness which prevents it from having that "vics vapor rub" scent a lot of minty things have. Man, I wish our computers had a smell-o-screen app! I really really wish you could smell this! As you can see though from my photo, it looks NOTHING like the stock pictures on the website. I have NO IDEA how they got that picture! This is what the screen shot looked like from the lush video of how its made:
As you can see, it looks nothing like the websites photo! That beings said, I want THAT GUYS JOB!!! The lather is great, not too much but some, and it leaves the skin feeling clean. The scent lingers ever so slighty. You wont smell like the soap to others, but you'll certainly smell it when you lift your hand up to your face.

I used up my sample super fast, and just when I thought I would have to go buy some, my mom brought me home a chunk of it as a surprise! I think she just wanted to keep me away from HER soaps! LOL! I however am NOT complaining.


  1. I love lush too. I have candy cane soap and it looks like the first picture. Well DID look like the first picture. I cut it up into smaller chucks so i can let it last longer. I do love the smell of candy cane. It smells like the candy

  2. yours looked like a sandwich of red and white? like in the stock picture? huh! my sample came from one store, the pictures of mine are from a block bought at another store! never seen it looking like the top picture!

    here its round discs with the red hand poured into swirls on top!

  3. here is a piece i cut up

  4. that's SO bizarre!! is yours from this year? that other picture is from THEIR website showing how its made. Is yours from last year? maybe canada vs the us has different ones?

  5. I live in the us and i just bought it about 3 weeks ago. though i did buy online since the only lush store in my area is 88.7 miles one way.

  6. Hmm..... That is weird. Yours looks like the website, mine looks like their video of how they make it. I will contact lush and find out why the differences!

  7. I love this soap too, I think they have got the candy cane smell spot on! It is perfect, it's not just minty, it also has that cherry smell underneath. Btw I love your blog it is really good! I am just starting a blog up, so it is nice to see how other people do reviews so that I can get ideas for my blog!xx



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