Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chanel Miami Peach & Chanel Orange Fizz Comparisons & Swatches

So I was walking through The Bay and OF COURSE that involves a stroll by the Chanel counter! I am SOOOO happy I did! The counter manager Kate (who is wonderful!!) was just pulling a bunch of polishes that were just recalled to send back to head office!! EEK!! I HAD to take a quick look to make sure I had each and every polish (or make sure they were pink and I didn't want them). There were three, Ming, Rose Satin and Miami Peach. I had gone multiple times to buy this colour in the past but was always side tracked by something else shiny and new! So with two left I immediately bought one and put the other one on hold for the lovely blogger Ayley of Polish & Lyrics

Now the main reason I hesitated was fear it was too much like Orange Fizz. Well guess what? ITS NOT! Its a jelly/crème hybrid with a ton of subtle gold shimmer. Orange Fizz is a straight up crème. Also, Orange Fizz is a touch more orange. They are actually quite different and I am very happy I got both!

Miami Peach, Orange Fizz

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  1. These are both gorgeous.. I am so jealous.. you are LUCKY!



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