Monday, November 28, 2011

Face Time Fundraiser for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation

This past Saturday night was the annual Bay Beauty Gala to raise money for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. Tickets were only ten dollars, and two dollars from every purchase went to the charity. The other eight dollars was good for product at any of the beauty counters. As anyone who knows me knows, I am a complete and total Dior girl, and OBVIOUSLY I purchased my ticket through them! So did my mom. Though she had had a bad experience with this event in the past, and was kinda peeved at me when she found out I was making her go AGAIN! Hehe. That's what daughters are for, right?

So when you walk in, you are immediately given a little Givenchy ribbon with two drink tickets on (they had both red and white wine being served by men with trays), and a clinique wrist band that I handed right back asking for any colour other than pink. My mom got a green one and handed THAT ONE back and ASKED for pink. Where did I come from??? HUH??

They were then handing out Givenchy paper shopping bags that were full of samples! Who doesnt like free stuff?

They had people waxing eyebrows (too bad I had just had mine done!), tables set up doing free Chanel manicures and hairstylists doing peoples hair. Both me and my mom got our hair straightened and styled. But what I wanted was my makeup done by Marci, my favourite Dior sales associate who had the nerve to get promoted and leave the counter! HOW RUDE!! Now she travels around doing makeup and helping with promotions at all the Dior counters. And of course, she had to do my moms makeup too! Anyways, Marci is better at doing my makeup than anyone else I have ever had do it. She knows what I want, what I like, and knows where to push and make me go outside my comfort zone and when not to. And she has no problem changing a lip colour or what not if I do not like something.

Now what do you purchase though? First she put on foundation and concealer. Both of which I have. The mascacra I also have. Seriously, is there any mascara better than plain old original Diorshow? Badgal lash comes close, but of course I have it! I had no interest in the eyeshadow palette she used (I have a similar Dior quint already). So I bought the lipstick and lipgloss. Its funny, she asked me if I wanted a gloss on top of the lipstick and I said "no, I hate gloss. I hate the sticky feeling!" Well people, let me tell you, Marci was right when she said it wasn't sticky. I love it!

The lipstick she used was Rouge Dior in 428 Pisanelle Pink. It is a lovely beigey pink lipstick, with some purple undertones. It can easily be described as one of those “your-lips-only-better” colours that doesn't really draw attention to itself, yet is gorgeous nonetheless.

It is a very smooth creamy and moisturizing lipstick, but as such, not the best wear wise. I highly suggest a lip pencil with this one girls! On its own it will give you about 2 hours wear, not what you would expect with payigng 32.00 for a lipstick, but its worth it! If you want it to last longer, a lip liner will do the trick, though I don't wear lip liners. And being as its so very soft, its very delicate. The first lipstick I brought home was broken when I opened it and I had to exchange it for a new one! So be very carefull when applying. Even some of the testers were broken!

Also, note that all the Rouge Dior lipsticks are scented though not to strongly. I cant put my finger on the exact scent, but it is certainly there. Its light and sweet. If scented products bother you, step away now!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl in 227 Beige Tweed. This is a pinky beige with a hint of shimmer and works perfectly over the new lipstick. The first thing to mention is I noticed NO scent whatsoever with this product. And it is not at all sticky which is my reason I don't buy lipglosses! I hate the gooey feeling. When Marci said it was not sticky I did not believe her. I am always being told formulas are not sticky only to find out we have two different versions of sticky. This lipstick is very moisturizing and has a shiny, smooth slick feel if that makes sense? It’s very comfortable and doesn't feel like a traditional lipglosss. I can not reitierate this enough - ITS COMPLETELY NON STICKY!!

from left to right lipstick, lipstick with lipgloss over top, just the gloss

From bottom to top lipstick, lipstick with lipgloss over top, just the gloss
Now with the Dior counter at the Bay the gift with purchase seems to always be with the purchase of ANY two items. While in no way shape or form the reason I choose Dior, it certainly is something I appreciate. Always a pet peeve when I find out I am $2 dollars away from the set amount to get a gwp! GRR! Any ways, as you will recall with the last Dior GWP I was royally annoyed. This GWP was certainly much better.

Look how cute the makeup bag is!!! And the mascara is my mascara, so will certainly come in handy. I have never used the diorshow lash primer before, I always use Lash Primer Plus from Estee Lauder. I am excited to try this one out! The perfume I am throwing in with the giveaway prize, as I will never use it, and the lipstick........ OMG, the lipstick. Besides the fact that it is oh so cute (I have a few mini Dior lipsticks and they are always a perfectly identical just smaller version of the normal one), I LOVE IT!!

Rouge Dior in 644 Rouge Blossom. I wont go into the formula as I just did above for the full sized one I purchased but this is exactly the same formula, just a different colour. It is a beautiful rosey-strawberry-reddish hybrid, that is so easilyworn for everyday or for office looks that even I WILL WEAR it. And my fear of colour is well known. Makeup wise I am a neutrals only girl. Never a red lipstick. Except I will wear this one and actually want the full size!


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