Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Butter London Scoundrel & Julep Charlotte Swatches & Comparisons

Let me start by saying I LOVE PURPLE! It's true. I am a complete and total purple lover and have more purple in my stash than any other. Grey is a close second. So when I realized there was a purple on the Julep website I was missing, I had to quickly rectify that. Scoundrel is a gorgeous medium lilac. It was also part of the first collection to feature Butter London's newly designed bottle and easy slide outer cap.
This picture reminds me I need to get British Racing Green still! As "in style" as it was in fall of 2009, its just as much a love of mine today. And Charlotte from Julep is merely a shade (maybe two shades at the most) darker than Scoundrel. Do you need both? You do if you are me. For most people, one is enough. Both are lovely formulas. Julep was one coat opaque, Butter London could have possibly been but I would suggest two thin coats. And at 14.00 for a Butter London (11ml) vs Julep 8 ml for the same price..... I don't know. The price is a bit different but I don't feel comfortable saying to get one or the other. If you have Scoundrel, I would probably skip Charlotte. If you have neither, toss a coin?
L-R Julep Charlotte, Butter London Scoundrel in the shade

L-R Julep Charlotte, Butter London Scoundrel in the sunlight


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