Saturday, November 19, 2011

Butter London Bluey & Knees Up Swatches

When I saw this posted showing off the new fall colours I knew immediately I needed Knees Up and Bluey. I already had No More Waity Katie and though it was Wallis making everyone else get excited, it wasn't for me. Toff is one to this day I am still on the fence about. I will probably get it at some point and then wonder why it took me so long to get, but meh.
Now I KNEW I would love bluey and I do, but Knees Up was the stunner here. Knowing it is metallic I was prepared for  it to be streaky and a PAIN IN THE BUTT to apply. I was wrong. Both of these colours were streak free and easy to apply. They were opaque in two coats and gorgeous. I like red, I don't LOVE red. I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Knees Up is the favourite red I own!

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  1. I love Wallis!! And it's a great base for layering (I like it over black, or under a gold-toned shimmer like Orly Oui). I was drawn to Bluey, but then went with Henley Regatta instead. As for Knees Up, I would def get it ... if only I hadn't already bought so many Chanel reds recently. But the good news ... Butter is now available at the Bay!!!



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