Sunday, November 6, 2011

Girly Bits Inaugural Collection - Sea's the Day

Have you heard of Pam from Girly Bits? Not only does she have a great blog with wonderful pictures.........  SHE'S CANADIAN!!!! That's right people! So she is actually willing to sell me her products!! That gives her the first check! Her wonderfully taken photos and clean and easy to read blog give her the second check. But the most important check comes from this:

How awesome does that collection look?? Now this picture, along with all other swatches are taken off her blog. But beware. You may want to cover your keyboards before reading any further as you may start drooling!

I am not going to show swatches of all the polishes, for that you should click on her blog here, but I am going to show you my two favourites.

This is Denim Diva which is described as a deep dusty denim blue with a shy,but glowy shimmer. How awesome is THAT???

And this one is Stormy Skies which is described as a medium grey that leans a little to the dusty teal side.

I know, I know!!! A purple in the collection and its NOT my favourite? But these colours are all so interesting and multi dimensional. And don't even get me started about Street Magic. Talk about a unique and amazing colour.

Now, I know what you are thinking! How much is this set going to cost me? ITS CHEAP!! Only $6.00 USD each. They are small bottles (5ml) but a full size gosh is 8ml and after a dozen manicures its still more than half full! And at more than half that size, I think these will last you quite awhile!

So that just leaves me with one big dilemma. Do I order all 6, or with the holidays coming up do I order a few extras for gifts??


  1. Thank you for hosting this for me. Much appreciated. ♥

  2. Thanks for making such an awesome collection! I want one of every colour, but am waiting on another local blogger to add her shopping list to mine! will have that order in soon!



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