Sunday, May 19, 2019

These Glasses Are Trash - A Full Review of Dresden Vision

A few weeks ago, myself and a good friend were out exploring Toronto (we do this a lot as we both moved here within months of each other a little over a year ago) when we decided to check out the new Stackt market. This is a market completely made out of storage containers. The store that stood out to me the most was Dresden Vision and I was so intrigued by the glasses they sold I almost bought them on the spot. 

Now let me be clear. This store is NOTHING like any other eyeglass store you have ever seen. To start with, they are literally made of trash.

They start with a recyclable material, like the beer keg above. Granulised wood, discarded fishing nets and waste from the production of bank notes are also turned into glasses. They choose the materials they re-use very carefully, to make sure they are up to standards and to give us the desired structural stability in the final product. They can’t use just any old plastic – if they used the wrong sort, then glasses could shatter on impact. Taking out the technical jargon, their durability standards are all about that unfortunate basketball to the face in the school yard. Imagine what would happen if a child got a ball to the face and their glasses shattered into their eye… That won't happen to someone wearing Dresdens.

I went home thinking about them and went back today to buy a pair. I learned at that point that the location at the Stackt market was the only location that could not cut glasses right there so off I went to the Riverside location to go shopping. It takes 10-15 minutes for them to cut your glasses with your prescription if you have it, and if not, you can always get an eye exam in store. 

Now if you have read to this point, you are probably thinking that this post is all about how they are eco friendly. Nope. I will be super honest here. I really wish I cared as much about that aspect of them. I don't. I want to, but I just don't. It was just kind of a nice bonus. Two major factors caught my attention. First, the modular system I will explain in a moment. And second, the price.

First, the most important thing for anyone on a budget, the price:

Yes. $49. Including your prescription! And as freaking exciting as that is (and trust me, I am all for that), its NOT the most exciting part. Its a modular system. A freaking modular system for eyeglasses. What do I mean?

Notice how all those glasses have different colour ear pieces (temples) and front pieces (frames)? Its because you clip together the pieces as you want them.

So to be clear, for $49, you get a set of temples, a set of frames and the actual lenses. That equals one pair of glasses.

They come in four different sizes. XS, S, M and L. These are the M I did not get:

And these are the size S.  The frames also come in an even smaller size, and an even larger size.

But, since you put the frames and the temples together yourself (and just pop in the lenses) you can buy additional frames and temples for $20 each (or $10 each added on to an eyeglass purchase). So for an additional $40 you could buy four extra frames giving you 5 completely different coloured glasses for a total price of only $90!!!

Just in case I have not yet sold you on these freaking amazing glasses, they also come with a 45 day money back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty. And unlimited extra pins. I am currently loving the blue pins , but will go back and pick up some more fun colours of the pins in the near future (they are free).

I was very proud of myself in the moment that I narrowed it down as much as I did. I got a pair of glasses along with 2 extra frames and one extra set of temples.  A complete set of dark grey glasses, the darker teal frames, the purple frames along with a set of clear temples.  So this was what I ended up with for $80. It works out to be 6 different eyeglass options: purple with grey temples, purple with clear temples, teal with grey temples, teal with clear temples, grey with clear temples and finally solid grey glasses.

I clearly also was far too restrained so I will have to go back and get another full set of frames (it's cheaper than just buying individual pieces if you are getting 4 pieces or more).

Dresden has 3 locations here in Toronto:

  • 599 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B5 (416) 551-9298
  • 733 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H1 (416) 461-2221
  • 28 Bathurst St Unit 1102, Toronto, ON M5V 0R4, (647) 551-4710 
Just please note that if you go to the Bathurst (Stackt) location, you will either have to come back in a day or two to pick up your glasses or stop by one of the other two locations to pick them up as they do not cut the glasses on site. 


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