Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gosh Cosmetics Urban Jungle Collection for Winter 2011

Let me start saying but OH MY GOSH (no pun intended!!)! Look at her eyes! Stunning! This collection intrigues me. At first I saw it and I thought yuck to be very truthful. But the more I stared at the collection the more I fell in love with it.

The new product here in the collection is the Cheeks'n Lips. Gosh, has gone mulit-functional with these two in one blush/lip colours. The colour can be easily applied with fingertips or a synthetic brush, though I like fingers better when using this product as a blush and a lip brush when using it as a lip colour.  01 Back to Nature  and 02 Earth-Bound ( I picked up Back to Nature and will swatch it tomorrow for you!)

Mono Eye Shadows are also unique in this collection. They come in four new shades with a really gorgeous embossed surface. Dark Metal Grey 01, Rusty 02, Brown 03 Silver and Light Grey 04 all make for shadows you may not want to dig into and ruin the pretty look.

For a different look with these new shadows, try using them as a base for the great new eye dusting powders in shades 01 Clay and 02 Soil.

Metal Grey Mascara Mascara in shiny gray is a great finish for this eye look. The colour is 01 Metallic Grey

Light'n Shine Lip Glaze
This new colour of the Lip Glaze will be one you love or hate! Comes in  01 Rusty Red

Lauquer Nail
Now we know I love the nail polishes already. Now the colours are listed as 533 Black Passion, 603 Rusty, and 604 Fossil Grey. I bought Rusty and Fossil Grey, but Black Passion is a re-promote I already owned. Though I am not sure why its listed as 533 when mine is clearly labelled 553. I will assume it was just an error in the release info.
Watch out tomorrow for swatches of all three nail colours and the cheeks 'n lips!

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  1. Hi! I can say that I totally love the colour of Gosh - Rusty nail polish! It's such an intensive and strong colour. The quality was awesome. No tipwear in 4 days of wearing it!

    I also have two of the eyeshadows: The dark metal grey and the rusty one (of course). They're also ok but nothing special.
    Looking forward for your swatches :)



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