Thursday, November 3, 2011

NARS & Marc Jacobs’s Collaboration Will Keep You Warm & Stylish This Winter

NARS and Marc Jacob have a long standing relationship in the beauty industry. This holiday season they have teamed up to keep our hands and fingers warm and stylish with these two limited edition gift sets of polish and gloves!!!  The gloves are cashmere and the polishes new and limited edition

First up is the purple set with purple gloves and a brand new limited edition nail polish called Manosque. Described as a slated grey purple

And then the black pair with a polish called Night Clubbing which is based off the popular eyeshadow by the same name. It is black with a golden sheen.

Both sets are 52.00 and available exclusively at Nars 413 Bleecker Street, New York, NY. You can call them to make the order at 646.459.2323.

I want the purple set but am trying to be good .But a slated greyed out purple? If that doesn't call my name NOTHING does! What set do YOU want?


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