Sunday, November 20, 2011

Superpoints - If you have not joined, can you help me out?

Hi there readers! I have a favour to ask you all today! A friend of mine just made a big nail polish order on amazon. it was 60.00 or so and she has no credit card. I asked her how she buys without and she said she doesnt pay, she uses superrewards. i looked this up and you basically fill out surveys and get points. 500 points equals a 5.00 gift card, 1000 equals a 10 etc. you can also choose paypal or many other options to get paid out. I am not sure i quite believe how easy it is to get points, but i signed up tonight and a have 30.

If you are willing, please go to and use one of the following codes called "tokens" to sign up. Once signed up, please fill in your basic survey. Thats all it takes for ME to get the 25 point credit, and you to start. So please copy and paste one of these codes in the token spot on the superpoints website for me!  Then just fill out the basic info and thats it! I have friends in real life who use this and swear by it, so heres hoping!

A code only works once, so if you try this, and all the codes are used up, just comment here and ill post more! I really appreciate you helping out! THANKS!! I will also try to periodically update as to if I am actually earning points and making any real life money!

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  1. Did it :) And, thanks for showing the Julep choices. I just joined and am anxiously awaiting my intro and now December AB box.



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