Monday, November 7, 2011

Butter London Black Knight Swatches & Comparisons

So I got this lovely beauty in the mail today from a blogger who I just love! At the time she ordered it for me it was not available in Canada, though it has since surfaced on the Canadian version of their website. I must say though, this is even better because every time I see it and every time I use it I will think of the lovely lady who so carefully packaged it and sent it my way!


Now when I saw this I immediately thought of my Nfu-Oh GS-14. I am totally in love with these polishes and I love the subtle sparkle in them.

Now I know the bottles don't look like they are close to the same, but they actually really are in the same ballpark.

In reality they both dry to the same black base with glitter bomb hidden inside. But as much as I love is the Nfu-Oh, the Butter London version is pretty much the same but with blue and purple instead of green and yellow. How freaking awesome is that?

Butter London Black Knight, Nfu Oh GS-14

Butter London Black Knight, Nfu Oh GS-14


  1. LOVE IT! You are so sweet and I am so glad you enjoy.

  2. To me the Butter London looks purple/pink, while GS-14 (which I own and LOVE!) is like a rainbow.



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