Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jacob Nail Polish Review & Swatches (Skinny Jeans, Runway Diva & Tuxedo Chic)

So if you are Canadian you might have been hearing a lot of hype about the Jacob nail polishes that have just been released in Jacob stores around the country. I had to go check out the store and see what all the fuss was about. Its a very small collection, and when I walked in to the store I saw these:

Yet I held off getting them. It wasn't that there was something wrong with them, or that there were no colours I liked. It just felt like there were no colours screaming out at me. Then when I got the email that the entire store would be heavily reduced all week (30% off everything in the store) I jumped. I got these three:

I got three of the eight in the collection, Skinny Jeans, Runway Diva and Tuxedo Chic. 

The application was ok on them. Skinny Jeans was the best, being the perfect consistency and opaque in one coat. The other two were on the thinner side. Runway Diva needs three coats to be opaque, and Tuxedo Chic needs two. The only real frustration I had was with the handle. I found it very uncomfortable to hold. THEN - when taking the pictures, guess what I noticed?

The brush was thin, but sturdy and held a good amount of polish without holding too much

Are these colours unique? No. Are they pretty? Yes.


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