Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holt Renfrew Private Label Paramount Beauty Bag Reviews and Pictures

Let me just start by saying "OH MY GOSH!!!! ITS SO FREAKING BIG!!!". Wow. Seriously. I really only bought it for the lash curler. I had no intention of using the bags themselves. Well, as often happens in my life, I was WRONG!!

Look at that!!! Can you tell how big it is based on my hand? BIG! Now when I saw Holt Renfrew post this bag/deal on facebook, I just assumed we wouldn't get it at our tiny store front of a store. So I called expecting a no. Instead? I got a 5 minute ode to this bag. She went on and on about how great it was, she was getting for all her friends for the holidays and I HAD to get it! The best part I was told on the phone was that the lining was all plastic lined. So if something spills, you just wipe it up!

It also comes with a mesh bag that snaps into the inside. And another pouch as well. I can see using this separately for jewellery when travelling, as I think this is big enough to actually use when I go on my two week New York trips without being TOO bulky it takes up all the room in my suitcase!

Now I had no urge for the skincare sample, so off it went to my mom! Though I am very excited to try the Laura Mercier foundation primer. I have not yet found one I love. So this will be quite usefull. And the eyelash curler actually came with a spare sponge for the head! All in all, very happy with this!

And while our Holt Renfrew is small and frustrating how tiny it is and that they only carry a dozen brands (two makeup lines and thats it. Bobbi Brown & Laura Mericer) in the tiny store front shop they have in front of the private shoppers, the service is AMAZING! Melanie is one of the most helpful associates I have ever dealt with anywhere!! And look at all the samples they stuck in the shopping bag?

Now this also came with a ten dollar voucher towards your next purchase, which of course I also made! I got Lippmann Good Girls Gone Bad (the only holiday colour they got in as of yesterday) but I got a phone call 3 hours after I left the rest came in! So I will be heading back soon! Now what really stunned me was I ordered my top coat (dior) 2 months ago  but I called them to apologize and tell them I was going to be unable to pick it up as I was being rushed in for surgery ahead of time. Well its been TWO months, and Melanie would not send it back. It as just sitting there waiting for the next time I came in!



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