Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stuart Weitzman Logoplainfield Peep Toe Heels

So you all know that I was on the hunt for the shoes for my brothers wedding. Between L and my mom (note the bride didn't care) I relented to look for a pair of heels to wear for the ceremony before changing in to my brand new flats. Yes, I did pick up the Kate Spade Tock flats in blush. I freaking love them. They were super comfortable and between the four pair of shoes I ordered from Holt Renfrew they were the clear winner.

So anyways, I go into Browns (first mistake) and grudgingly try on a pair of nude heels for a very reasonable $90. They did not fit at all even though the heel was fairly comfortable and the sales associate brought these out (in nude patent leather, not black, just cant find nude ones online):

They are actually really comfortable, and I think I would get a lot of wear out of them. The problem? After taxes, I am looking at $400 for them. So now I am stuck. I can hope and pray I can track these down on sale (which will be interesting since even on the Browns website they are only available in black), or I can drive myself insane trying to find SOMETHING as comfortable that I like as much or I can suck it up and spend double my budget on them.

What to do.........

EDIT: I have been told that action shots are needed of the ACTUAL shoes:


  1. If you are a carefull 'shoewearer' and you don't wwalk around uch cobblestone streets, I would say get them!
    Stuart Weitzmann are great shoes and you will get a lot of wear out of them.
    If you aren't that carefull with nude heels I can tell you they get smudges easily and with cooblestomes the heel is ruined in no time; so than it is a no buy ;-)



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