Monday, June 2, 2014

Nail Polish ‘Transformations’ with Manicurist Marian Newman For MAC Summer 2014

So it looks like MAC is coming out with a bunch of polishes meant to transform the look and finish of your nails. The collection does contain some creme shades, but I am very interested in the top coats. And hey, they can't be as bad as bad or as inconsistent as their regular polishes............... right?
  • Texturize – clear leather effect top coat
  • Shadow – sheer blackening top coat
  • Liquid Pigment – pink pearl (Sheer pink pearl transformer)
  • Liquid Pigment – green pearl (Sheer green pearl transformer)
  • Liquid Pigment – gold pearl (Sheer Gold pearl transformer)
  • Highlight – bright orange red (Cream)
  • Skin – light peach beige (Cream)
  • Rebel – mid-tone plum (Cream)
  • Quiet Time – beige nude (Cream)
Instagram photo posted by @Jessicadiner
And here is a another shot that was tweeted out. I tried to go back so I could credit the person who tweeted it but the tweet was removed.


  1. It would be really nice if some of the MAC PRO Stores were actually Getting some of the nail polishes. This past year MAC has really put their customers on hold & a lot are boycotting the company.

  2. Looks too similar to Cult Nails.

  3. These do look quite interesting I'd have to say :-)



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