Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best POSSIBLE Distraction From Studying

So I have a midterm coming up on Monday. I am slightly freaking about this one. I took this course as an elective (unrelated to this degree but in the department my previous degree was from) for ONLY one reason. I had never had the experience of taking a class with this very well known and LOVED professor. I was really loving the course though mainly because she was just so funny and geeky and I truly believe she could have probably made paint drying seem like an exciting subject. FAST FORWARD - she went into pre-mature labour and ended up taking leave early and we now have a different professor. BAH!!!!! So now the course is no where NEAR as fun, we have a completely different focus in the class, a professor who focuses on completely different things and YOU guys have a completely stressed out blogger!

So my goal for tonight (and I REFUSE to go to bed before I do so) is to finish going through the entire 5 chapters of the textbook that are covered on Mondays midterm and cross reference every point with the textbook as I have already found MULTIPLE instances where they give contradictory explanations or values. If I don't get it done tonight, I wont be able to discuss them with the professor tomorrow and that is my last chance before my 1030 am midterm on Monday. So I should be studying. So why am I posting here you may I ask? Because I just received the MOST amazing RAOK that I have to share with SOMEONE who will understand and appreciate my excitement!!!

So I had a missed package when I got home from school and work yesterday at 11pm and had to go get it today. And here is what was inside it:

Something new on the new Lynnderella Collection. If you look at the tape that holds the named sticker on one side of the bottle is now an ingredients list and on the other side of the bottle is her Lynnderella logo. Its not on the older collection, but it is on the newer collection. Just thought I would point that out.

Now because that is not enough, Hong Kong Girl Top Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have heard sooooooo much about this and honestly love my Dior (and Cult Nails Wicked Fast) so much I had no reason to look elsewhere but I will be honest. I was sooooo curious about this! And now I get to try it!!

Something I noticed on the bottle is it says "this polish is resold not made by G&G". Which makes me wonder who DOES make it? Hopefully one of my wonderful readers can answer that for me! Is Hong Kong Girl the actual brand that makes it, or is the name Glisten And Glow has Given to the top coat and unrelated to the makers?

And then I find THIS: Glitter Food (Fix A Flat) Hand Made Top Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another product I have heard and heard and heard about and never tried!

For those of you who have never heard of fix a flat or what it is I figured I should just copy and paste from Nail Pattern Boldness's Etsy store EXACTLY what it is and what it does!

"I am SO excited to offer this dual purpose product! I formulate and mix the base for all of my polishes, which gives me lots of control over the final product. While I was developing the formulation for the glitter base (actually I was sitting in a river washing wild onions when the idea came to me, but that's another story for another time) I realized I might be able to solve two "polish problems" with one product! 
If you wear glitter polish you've probably noticed that the finish can be gritty or rough, especially with denser glitters. This works great as a topcoat to smooth things out and give you a nice glassy look. It does dry to a satin finish, so I recommend a glossy topcoat over it (I have fallen out of love with Seche Vite lately, but NYC Grand Central Station works great and is cheap). 
Recently I've been testing it for use as a basecoat - particularly for polishes that require a super smooth base to start with - and have been liking the results. More on this as I gather data!
Yet another use for this product is to "fix" polishes that have "gone flat." By this I mean polishes where the original base used wasn't strong enough to hold up the glitter, and it's not possible to just shake it back up to reincorporate the glitter. I've included a few before and after photos on polishes I've fixed this way so you can see what I mean. The way I've used it is to remove the top 1/4 or 1/5 of the sinky glitter bottle using an eyedropper and replace it with Fix A Flat. Shake it up (really really hard the first time) or you might need to get in there with an orange stick to really pick up the glitter off the bottom of the bottle. If there's enough interest in using it this way I may offer a kit in the future that includes a dropper (though if you have a Sally's near you they sell disposable plastic ones that are great for this purpose).
With time and use you may find that you get start to get some shrinkage, if this happens some thinner should get you back to normal."
I have not tried it yet but it looks just like a normal base or top coat but is just very milky looking. Here it is next to Hong Kong Girl Top Coat so you can see the colour difference! I can not WAIT to try this out!

And then last, but certainly NOT least a polish I had given up hope of ever owning! NARS Space Odyssey! I have wanted this for so long but it sold out the minute it came to the NARS counter and was never seen again!

And everything together! How freaking amazing is this? And if I am going to procrastinate from studying, is there a better way than that?


  1. Hong kong girl is the name they bottle and resell it i am not sure if you can buy direct. Maybe google? I know it comes in a super big bottle , clear with yellow letters. GlitterDaze on fb has a picture posted they recently started selling this as well. I just ordered from G and G recently so i myself am looking forward to trying this out :)

  2. I love HK Girl, especially from Glisten & Glow! I know there is more than one company that make a Hong Kong Girl top coat- I guess someone likes to make it difficult for consumers! :P I know that G&G adds a propriety chemical to their bottles, and that is what sets G&G apart from the traditional HK Girl for me. I've tried both, and will definitely be sticking with G&G! :)



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