Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Sugar Plum Fantasy Nail Lacquer Gift Set Review & Swatches!

So the Lippmann camp has put out a TON of limited edition collections for this holiday season! And by a ton, I mean there are TWENTY so far. And its only mid October. I am sure there will be one or two more announced before the season is through. This one is the one I was most looking forward too. Its also the one that was NOT available in Canada and was the one I was most worried about getting!

My uncle planned a last minute cruise (by last minute I mean he booked Monday and left Tuesday) and thus needed help dealing with things around his house when he was gone! So I offered to stay there to meet the plumber, take out the trash on trash day and bring in the mail daily. And as a thank you, this is what I got! How great an uncle is THAT? Totally made my day! Especially since there are very few states that actually HAVE Bloomingdales. I live about an hour away from the American Border, but there is NO store ANYWHERE near North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota or the like! But anyways...... I'll quit ranting!

Now as mentioned, this is the set I was MOST looking forward too! Look how stunningly GORGEOUS theses polishes are. Unfortunately the excitement didn't last long. There is nothing WRONG with this set, don't get me wrong, its just not at all what I was expecting and just really not my thing. For many of you though this set will be perfect! Its just not perfect for ME.

The reason that this set is not a win for me is how completely sheer they are. All the swatches I will show you are FOUR coats of the polish, followed by one coat over Gosh Nero (a black creme). I would say that you would need a fifth coat on the nail to avoid a visible nail line. They are in my opinion STUNNING with one coat over black but too dark and vampy that way for me personally to wear. 

Sugar And Spice is a light purpley/mauvey/beigey sheer base FULL of a rosey/purpley microglitter and a ton of turquoise microglitter.

Sugar Rum Cherry is a reddish/coppery rose colour loaded with slightly holographic microglitter. I would say that this was probably the most opaque (not opaque by any means, but less sheer) than the others in the set.

While Sugar Shack is the darkest colour in the bottle, it is ironically the most sheer of the bunch (seeing as these are all as sheer as they are, its not a very big difference between sheerest and least sheer). Sugar Shack is a sheer purple base full of pink and turquoise microglitter.

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  1. I saw these at Bloomingdale's today, looked up swatches, and found your post :) Thanks for swatching!



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