Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Rock This Town Swatches & Review!

So I did it. I picked up the Rock This Town Gift Set. I still have one gift set (the Bloomingdales exclusive) to get, so at this point I am done about 50% of my  holiday shopping Lippmann wise.

I would like to note the price at this point! The retail on this is $42 in the United States. In Canada where our wallets are often raped by insane and inflated Canadian prices that never correlate in any way shape or form with the value of our dollar (which often is worth MORE than the American one) it was nice to see our price was only $3 more!

Moon Dance is a purpley greyish taupe mulitcoloured glasss fleck with tons of shimmer. This probably is the one that reflects the most colours and looks the most glittery when the light hits it. It dries to a kind of like a granite or quartz texture to it. This was the least opaque and takes 3-4 coats for total coverage. Swatches are with three.

Chain Reaction is a brass toned multicoloured glass fleck polish with a ton of shimmer. It has a lot of gold and olive in it though I think it looks more greenish than goldish in the majority of the light. This one is opaque in two to three coats but the swatches are with two.

Phoenix Rising is a bronze glass fleck polish. This is my favorite of the bunch! Who would have thought! I figured this would be my least favourite. It is an orangey reddish gold colour with INSANE gold shimmer and glass flecks. Its more orange on the nail than it is in the bottle and is also lighter than the bottle looks. This is the one that looks least like the promo pics and I LOVE IT!! Again it will need 2 to 3 coats and swatches here are with two.

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