Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection For Holiday 2012

MAC has a new limited edition collection honouring the late Marilyn Monroe. In this collection are FIVE Nail polishes. Retailing for 21.00 Canadian each, these will be available in October. MAC has been one of the biggest fails for me in terms of quality of nail polish. And for 21.00 each these polishes keep going up and up and up in price. NARS makes a better, more consistant product for less money, yet people go crazy of MAC collections. Go figure!

  • Rich, Rich, Rich (glittery gold pearl) (Online Exclusive) 
  • Vintage Vamp (rich deep retro wine cream) (This one is permanent without the Marilyn pic) 
  • Stage Red (dark berry red cream) 
  • Flaming Rose (true red cream) (This one is permanent without the Marilyn pic)  
  • Kid Orange (coral cream) (I am pretty sure this is a repromote and I already own it!)

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