Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introducing Seche High Intensity Nail Color

Seche is very well known for thier fast drying top coat, Seche Vite. Love it or hate it, most everyone who is nail obsessed has tried it at some point. Now they are launching a new line of nail polish. What do you guys think?

  1. Porcelain II (pure white creme) 
  2. Rose II (soft powder pink) 
  3. Blanc II (soft white) 
  4. Debutant (baby pink shimmer)
  5. Precious (pink iridescence) 
  6. Aristocrat (deep plum shimmer)  
  7. Simplicity (nude creme)  
  8. Enamored (rose shimmer brown)  
  9. Memoire (bright mauve creme)  
  10. Portobello (brown tone taupe creme)  
  11. Lumeire (bright peach shimmer) 
  12. Contemporary (purple grey creme)  
  13. Mischievous (blackened burgundy creme)  
  14. Empress (deep purple creme  
  15. Risque (deep dark brown) 
  16. Hypnotic (dark royal blue) 
  17. Smokey (deep charcoal shimmer)  
  18. Nouveau (deep grey creme)  
  19. Elegant (bronzed shimmer) 
  20. Chocolat (creamy medium brown) 
  21. Bella (deep red shimmer) 
  22. Rouge (deep red creme) 
  23. Iconic (ruby red with gold shimmer) 
  24. Audacious (red fuchsia) 
  25. Coral (bright coral creme)  
  26. Inspiration (orange red creme)  
  27. Smitten (bright pink orange shimmer) 
  28. Signature (true red creme)  
  29. Irresistible (deep red creme)  
  30. Magnifique (iridescent pink purple) 
  31. Opulent (deep fuchsia creme)  
  32. Rendezvous (bright pink creme)  
  33. Snapdragon (bright pink creme)  


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