Thursday, October 11, 2012

LAYLA Recreates OPI Spotted Effect!!

So if you were like me and dying for OPI Spotted but unable to afford it or attain it, Guess what? Layla has come out with the same thing! AND NOT JUST IN BLACK!!! May I present to you the new Layla Bubbly Effect nail polishes!!! Which ones do YOU need?

And here are some swatches that Layla posted on their facebook page!


  1. Per their facebook page these won't be marketed in the US, booooo!

  2. Oooo these look good, much prefer them to shatters.

  3. These are so amazing!! I hope I can get my hands on one or all of them eventually.

  4. They do ship internationally from the layla page, but the shipping is like 30 euros, so not worth the price! Does anyone know if any American polish sellers are going to stock them?

    1. they will not ship to the usa nor will they be sold by american sellers. They are not legal in the USA. Some ingredient in them is forbidden in the USA. But not here in Canada!!!!!!!



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