Saturday, October 13, 2012

Secret Exchange - Goblins & Ghouls Edition - Take One!

So as most of you who read my blog regularly know, I organize a series of Secret Santa type exchanges that occur throughout the year. Well the first of the two packages I will be receiving came today. (You get the option to play once - give a gift and get a gift, or play twice and give two gifts and get two gifts). 

Now a girlfriend was with me when I went to pick this up at the post office and she was as excited as I was to open this! She said she never really understood the excitement of joy of my doing this until now. She was seriously as excited as I was. "This must be what if feels like Christmas morning if we celebrated that!!" she said. And you know what? Its TOTALLY true! This is exactly what I expect Christmas morning would feel like!

I can not get over how pretty these fake leaves are! Look how pretty the packaging was! And all the large foil glitter leaves as well!

All the cute little packages that were in the box! Look how autumn themed and halloween themed it is!

This one didnt survive the trip 100%. It kinda lost its ribbon! So it was the first one I opened!!

And this was the most awkward part of unwrapping this. I think I made my girlfriend a little scared by how much I jumped up and down when I got this one!! OMG!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??!!!! This polish in real life is 1000x times more awesome than online pictures make it seem. Have you ever gone crazy over a polish you saw online and wanted it and wanted it and FINALLY got it and then it was just kind of blah.....? Well this is the exact opposite. It is ten times more awesome than even I thought it was!!!!! Butter London Stag Do!!

Next package!

OMG!!!!!!!! FISHWIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was another polish that I desperately wanted and also cant get here. Its a light blue holographic polish that is amazingly awesome. I honestly think Butter London has outdone themselves this holiday season! Its AMAZEBALLZ!!!!!!

At this point I am pretty sure at this point that it cant get any better at all.

And then I get this. OH MY GOSH. I have been wanting to try Picture Polishes for sooooo long. And this one is GORGEOUS!!

And then I opened this.

I have no clue what brand it is, but asside from the light purple with holographic microglitter that is its awesomeness, look at the name!!! Its named for ME!!!!!!!! Shayna's Scattered Sky!!!! How freaking amazing is THAT???

I swear this box never ends!

I have never tried a Smitten Polish before. This one is a gorgeous green glitter.

And then I saw this. OMG. Really?? I had four polishes on the top of my wishlist. Four Butter Londons that I had no way to purchase here in Canada. And then look at this: A third of those four!!!! Billy No Mates!!!

This is the second Elevation Polish I own but the bottle is totally different. I guess she changed the bottles! This one is gorgeous. And looking at it I cant help but wonder if the polish with my name on it is made by Elevation? Its the same bottle. Hmm...... The shimmer in this is beyond amazing!

This one is so sparkly!!! Pahlish! I have only tried one of Pahlish's colours before and it wasn't a "me" colour. I cant wait to try this one!

OMG Gelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been DYING to try this!

Another brand I have never tried! And its a gorgeous purple. Kind of reminds me of Chanel Paradoxal but with more insane shimmer!

And I havent even gotten to the pumpkin bags yet!!

These are candle tarts. I am not quite sure how to use these. I assume a tart burner is similar to a scented oil burner? But the chocolate crack one is so big!! Do I need to find a tart warmer that can hold a tart this big? Imagine an eskimo pie - that is how big this is!

Udderly smooth udder cream, nail stickers and a bubble bath. I have already used up the bubble bath this morning!

I mentioned on a different thread that I was looking for some wet n wild shine polishes for stamping, and look what my wonderful ghost sent me!

Mango Oil and a mini Candeo polish in Joker. Another brand I dont think I have ever tried before!

Three more wet n wild polishes!!

And I really wish I could somehow let you guys see the quality of this card. Its GORGEOUS!! Its thick cardboard and looks handmade and is just simply gorgeous!!!

And a typed up letter inside the card:

And who is M? Who is my amazingly awesome secret ghost? SaraLaughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

And just to give you an idea of how much wrapping there was, look at the kitchen doorway in the top left of this photo. I was going to trim the picture but I wanted you to get a sense of scale! My friend said it as like a big pile of leaves and we should jump into it. I am thinking that that would have been a very bad plan considering that its a hardwood floor underneath!

And everything together!

All the polishes!!


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  1. That is so cool. I wish I had a buddy that would send me all kinds of good stuff.



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