Saturday, October 13, 2012

Max Factor Glossfinity Orient Express Collection

OK, My understanding here is that MAXFACTOR only produces polishes overseas. This means that we do not get them here in North America. But regardless, I loved this promo picture SOOOO much I just had to share it all with you. It is for the nw Glossfinity Orient Express Collection. It seems there will be 26 shades that have been subdivided into different categories. The four above are the Orient Express colours and they includes  Red Passion, Royal Blue, Cute Coral and Lilac Rose.

The Dark Romance shades are shown above and include Royal Blue, Burgundy Crush, Aqua Marine and Amethyst.

And here are a few more pics because....... well..... I like polish porn, OK??

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  1. Hi :) do you want me to get you some Max factor Polishes ?? Have you got a pO box :)?



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