Saturday, October 13, 2012

Models Own Wonderland Box Set!

Ever since I saw this photo on the Models Own website I have been OBSESSED!!! I really really needed to get my hands on these polishes. I mean, LOOK AT THEM!!!

That being said, since they came up for sale and the photos went out for them, I think I can pass on at least one of these.

Above is the boxed set that retails for £20.00.
A magical polish collection offering gradients of subtle to dense glitter for a sophisticated grown-up glimmer. For a manicured finish use the iridescent shades to give an accent of glitter, or be brave and layer up the polish until it's opaque! Each polish gives a different nail finish from frosty to full on snowstorm!

Left to right: Jack Frost, Southern Lights, Snow Flake, Northern Lights, Blizzard, 3 in 1 Base Coat + Top Coat
I am now pretty sure I can pass on Northern Lights and possibly even on Blizzard! What about you? What polishes are you lemming?


  1. Hopefully you will own these soon n_~ x x

  2. I adore it!! Its such a shame we cant easily get this in the US.



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