Monday, October 22, 2012

My Stash - The Shadows!!!

So while I was working on my Inglot post, someone asked me to post my eyeshadow stash. I was not aware of quite how INSANE it was until doing this. I hereby solemnly swear to stick by my self imposed eyeshadow NO BUY from now through the end of 2013. 

All my shadows are kept on top of my tall dresser. (the majority of my makeup is on my shorter wider dresser). The shadow is housed in four of the 6 plastic drawers as well as three palettes that are too large which sit between the drawers. On the top of my shadows are all my perfumes. I am quite happy to say that I am working my way through the perfumes and just finished off a bottle last week! Yay for USING up what I already have!

Here are my too big to fit in the drawers palettes as well as a metro card? I have no idea why I keep it there, but I always end up with a balance on it since they did away with the unlimited DAILY fee. Why oh why did they get rid of that?!! Anyways, I'm getting WAY off topic. Here are my Le Metier De Beaute Roopal Patel Runway Palette, my Naked Palette and my nude tude palette. All have been previously reviewed on my blog.

In the drawers, only four of the six are eyeshadow. One of them is lip glosses and balms, and the other is my hair accessories and apparently my Hakuhodo travel brush set (not sure why thats in there!).

Now on to the actual eyeshadow stash. The top drawer on the right houses my Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette, two Too Faced creme shadows and a Tarantino eyeshadow single.

The bottom drawer on the left hand side contains my By Terry shadows, my kaleidescope, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Elizabeth Arden, Bobbi Brown, Clarins and Korres shadows. 

The middle drawer on the left houses my Chanel, Dior and Charlotte Ronson shadows. 

And the last drawer houses my Inglot, Chantecaille, Stilla and Quo. I have not ever used the Quo shadows before. They were on clearance for a ridiculous price and I succumbed. I shouldnt have, but all I can say is lesson learned. 

And here is the insanity all together. See what I mean? I DEFINITELY need to stick to my no buy!! And start wearing eyeshadow more than just on the weekends!



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