Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Hairy Battle

So who here likes their hair?? I am NOT raising my hand right now. I hate my hair. I have what me and my friends have always referred to as the "jew-fro". The curly dirty blonde frizzy nightmare that 75% of my private school happened to also have. It has been an ongoing battle that I have never been able to deal with. 

To illustrate my point, here is a sampling of my hair over the past 15 years. It spends 75% of the time in a ponytail. It always STARTS being down, but ALWAYS ends up in a pony by the end of the day. I get frustrated and just can not deal with it. 

In the battle to tame my unmanageable mane I cut about 5 inches off a few weeks ago (I cut it myself) though I still layered it. And for the last two weeks I have been wearing it straight. It feels weird mainly because it doesn't feel like me, but I must say, it makes it the entire day still down without my being totally fed up with it. I haven't changed the colour since the pic 3 weeks ago above even though it looks like I have. My hair turns bright red no matter WHAT colour I dye it (2007 and 2010 are both pictured with my natural dirty blonde colour) I dye it and then it fades into some form of a red leaning blonde. So hear is a pic of me at 5 pm after leaving the house at 6am. I still don't like it, but its less obnoxious. 

Do you all battle with your hair like I do? If so, what works for you? Any suggestions on how to manage this mess would be appreciated!!!


  1. My hair would be fairly similar. Though when I was young I was very blonde, got dirty fair as the years went by and then started dying it (my natural shade of) blonde again. To work I wear my hair in a bun (using a donut sponge) or a side plait with the front and back twisted (keeps the loose bits at bay). Product wise I'm using Dove shampoo with argan oil which is quite nice and defines my curls nicely and to tame the frizz I use R&B (a hair moisturiser) from Lush and Dirty Hair Cream (also Lush) for a bit more hold. I only wear my hair down and curly when going out so that I look different. But after years of searching and using millions of products, these 2 little tubs of Lush products have been my saviour. xo

  2. You have beautiful hair! But, as a curly/wavy girl myself, with hair that is fine and has no "weight" to it, I understand your frustration. I love your hair straight, but I think your system before (first down, then pony) was actually backwards. Try drying your hair just with a blow dryer and your fingers (using whatever products you like) and then twisting it up into a loose twist/bun thing and secure with a clip. After it has been like that for some of the day, then take it out and you will have beautiful manageable wavy hair.



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