Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Kitchen Experiment!

So for the last week I have had the house to myself. My parents went on a cruise without me! And its been WONDERFUL!!!!!! I lived on my own until last September when I moved back in to my parents house at the tender age of 30. I was having some fairly major surgery and was off work for four months and then this fall I have gone back to school full time to start a second degree (Bio Pharmaceutical Chemistry) so living at home is a financial MUST right now. But it also means being considerate (grumble grumble) of the people I live with (and who own the house and can kick me out at any time!!). So being on my own this week I have been cooking all the wonderful things that drive my parents up the wall. So lots of cooked mushrooms, fish and microwave popcorn though not all three at once! I even made up a big pot of chili which takes 7 hours of cooking!

And tonight, I tried something that involved deep frying (which even I can admit stinks up the house!). I have never made a blooming onion before, but I thought now would be the time to try! So without further chatter, here is my first attempt of making a blooming onion! It could have had a little more breading and cooked for a little more time! But a good first attempt.

1 comment:

  1. never had this, but it looks really good! I do love onions. Does it taste like onion rings?



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