Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ciate Mini Mani Month Kit & Caviar Mini Bar Set

Does this set make you wan to wet yourself or is it just me? I am TOTALLY lemming this set. HARD CORE. So much so that I just spent the last half hour explaining to my parents why when they are in Miami later this week they need to pick it up for me at Sephora. It included a 10% off coupon for Sephora (for hitting the VIB status once more) and a lot of begging and whining. I THINK that in the end that it will make it to me without the box and packaging as I do not think they are willing to use up that much real estate in their suitcases, but I DONT CARE!! Cause it will be mine!!

This is the coolest advent calendar I have ever seen! This is a limited edition exclusive for Sephora and is 58.00 for you Americans and 64.00 for us Canadians. It includes 17 best selling paint pot colours (in mini bottles), 3 limited edition colours exclusive to this set for a total of 20 bottles and mini bottles of caviar beads. The colours included are:

  • speed dial 023
  • cupcake queen 012
  • ladylike luxe 059
  • cabaret 046
  • big yellow taxi 074
  • dangerous affair 013
  • power dressing 063
  • angel wings 090
  • cutie pie 026
  • cookies and cream 058
  • fade to greige 071
  • twilight 072
  • vintage 018
  • mojito 018
  • headliner 066
  • halo 089
  • mistress 039
  • glass slipper (sephora exclusive)
  • enchanted rose (sephora exclusive)
  • magic carpet (sephora exclusive)
  • caviar pearls sundance
  • caviar pearls prom queen
  • caviar pearls candyshop
  • caviar pearls bumble bee

Also, in case 58.00 is too steep for your budget right now, they also have the CAVIAR mini bar set for 29.00 that includes four colours and 4 sets of caviar beads. The Caviar Mini Bar contains four iconic Ciaté mini paint pots: Knickerbockerglory is a hot fuchsia pink. , Fit for a Queen is a classic chrome silver, Sand Dune is a glistening gold and Pom Pom is hot, rich Mandarin red. The four Caviar minis include: Candyshop, a sugary blend of turquoise, fuchsia, and orange pearls. Hologram turns any base shade into a luminous wonder that’s truly out of this world. Jubilee celebrates all things British; think Princess Kate, Big Ben, and fish and chips with this blend of red white, and blue. Prom Queen takes the crown for the girliest blend of blue, pink, and silver beads with flecks of silver sequin. 

Now I COULD be wrong but I am pretty sure that all 4 of these caviar beads are the different ones in the larger set. i am hoping that the polishes are at least some dupes as I really hope I do not need this set also! But at least I know the larger set will be mine (though most likely without the gorgeous packaging! 


  1. OMG!!! I neeeeeed that calendar nails set :o soo tempted! xx

  2. That calender is really cute, I think I'm gonna get one!

  3. The caviar beads in the calendar set are, candy shop, sundance, prom queen and bumble bee. So only two of the caviar beads are different.

    1. yeah! when i first wrote this I had no list of what was in the large set So I was unsure if there was overlap! But now I have both lists!



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