Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Holiday Gift Sets From Sephora

Spice Market Mini 4-Piece Collection
This four piece set costs 23.00 and includes four mini polishes. I Think I Cayenne (opaque metallic red-orange), Have You Met Rose, Mary? (deep-rose red shimmer), Justa' Pinch Of Glitter (silver/charcoal glitter) and S-Age Is Just A Number (duochrome gold)

Tinsel Town Collector's Set
This set contains 16 mini polishes and a full sized glitter top coat for a retail cost of $59.00 (49.50US). The mini polishes included in this set are I'm Wired (opaque electric coral red), Already Famous (sheer pewter with medium champagne and silver glitter), A True Romantic (sheer cool light pink), What Aura Gonna Wear? (opaque hot pink), And a Cherry On Top (opaque vivid maraschino), S-Age Is Just A Number (opaque chrome gold with two tone effect), I Think I Cayenne (opaque metallic red-orange), Read My Palm (opaque light jade green), Just a Pinch of Glitter (opaque charcoal fine glitter with chunky silver glitter), Just a Little Dangerous (opaque metallic amethyst), I Don't Bite (opaque soft purple with fine holographic glitter), Thyme For a Mani (opaque light khaki), Meet Me At the Disco (clear with medium silver and iridescent glitter), Leotard Optional (opaque mocha beige), Merry Me (opaque red with micro red glitter) and Break a Leg Warmer! (opaque charcoal gray. The full sized polish is Only Gold For Me Top Coat (clear with chunky and micro gold glitter)

Tinsel Town Eight Piece Set
This set retails for 35.00 (29.50US) and contains 8 mini nail polishes. The colours include: Mr. Right Now (opaque classic wine), Merry Me (opaque red with micro red glitter), Keep Me On My Mistletoes (opaque champagne gold with fine glitter), Bare To Be Different (sheer warm ecru), Chamomile-ion to One (sheer pink beige with fine gold glitter), Thyme For a Mani (opaque light khaki), Mash-Up (opaque metallic green purple duo chrome) and If You've Got It , Haunt It (opaque black with chunky glitter)

Perfect Reds Set
This set includes five full sized polishes for a 47.00 (39.00 US) cost. The colours included are Fiercely Fabulous (opaque poppy red), And a Cherry On Top (opaque vivid maraschino), Be-Claus I Said So (clear with medium and chunky red glitter), Curve-Aceous (opaque metallic cool candy apple) and Mr. Right Now (opaque classic wine)

Tinsel Town Two Piece Set 
This set costs 12.00 (10.00US) and contains two mini polishes. Either The Way Tutu His Heart (opaque light pink) and  If You've Got It, Haunt It (opaque black with chunky glitter) or Curve-Aceous (opaque metallic cool candy apple) and Looks Like Rain, Dear (opaque gold with fine and chunky iridescent glitter)

Julep Winter Collection 2012 Set
This set consists of 5 full sized Julep colours some of which are currently exclusive to Sephora. The set retails for 42.00 (34.00US) and contains Vivien, Julia, Gayle, Demi and Ellie

Nails Inc The After Party
This set is 30.00 (25.00US) and contains 3 full sized polishes. Disco Lane (black holographic glitter), Soho Street (rainbow glitter chunky) and Covent Garden Market (red full coverage glitter). This is the set I may need of the bunch. I mainly just want Disco Lane so we will see.

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Collection
This set includes six mini polishes and costs 30.00 (25.00US). The colours included are Sloane Gardens (unique navy glitter), Chester Street (delicate pearl), Bruton Mews (deep forest green), Richmond Terrace (rich glossy plum), Jermyn Street (classic taupe) and Chelsea Bridge Road (tomato red)


  1. I have a million reds and still want those Sephora reds!

  2. Oh, no I'm in trouble, those are so lovely! Sephora is my fav place 2 buy polish. How'd u get these photos in advance? When do they hit the online store? How's Ciate for chip resistance compared to OPI?

  3. I love ciate!! They wear fantastically! OPI doesn't like my nails though and chips off within a day. These sets are all available online now at!

  4. Oh wow I adore the Spice Market set! <3 I wish we had a Sephora I would love to get them. The Julep set is lovely too!



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