Thursday, October 25, 2012

China Glaze Neons On The Shore Collection For Spring 2013

China Glaze is coming out with a new collection for Spring 2013. It consists of 12 colours. 6 cremes and 6 jellies.

Sun Of A Peach (bright orange creme)
Neon & On (pink creme)
Bottoms Up (pink-purple creme)
Hat's Shore Bright (purple creme)
Too Yacht To Handle (blue/green creme)
Highlight Of My Summer (mint creme)

Shell-O (coral pink jelly)
Are you Jelly? (purple jelly)
Heat Index (hot pink jelly)
You Drive Me Coconuts (purple panic jelly)
Isle See You Later (blue jelly)
Keepin' It Teal (turquoise jelly)


  1. What?? This is a lot to take in on a Friday in October.

    I need some time to digest this information, pastel neon jelly? I am going to go think about that a while.

    Thanks for this exciting news flash!

    I just need to get through Thanksgiving before I can get hungry for these yummy sweets



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