Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Secret Goblins & Ghouls Exchange - Package Two!

So I already showed you my first lovely thoughtful gift from Secret Goblin number one! I now have the gift from my wonderful Secret Goblin Number Two! Or maybe my Secret Ghoul? So I got a Ghost and a Ghoul? Anyways, here is the first polishes!

Now I get on to STUNNING photos of a brand I had not ever seen before! But OMG! They are indies but they are not glitterbombs!!!!!!

I will show you all swatches and reviews of these at a later date! They need to be shown off to the world!

And here is a bottle of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (TWO BOTTLES IN A WEEK??!!) and a bottle of Elmers Glue! I now have enough peel off base coat to last me about 50 years!! AWESOME!!

And I did a little dance when I saw that polish! OMG!! I had given up all hope of owning Waterlilly! It came without a box, but I assume it took her some stealth and ninja like ebaying to track it down for me! SCORE!!!

And dotting tools FINALLY!! (I have ALMOST bought these 1000 times!). Also some files and glow sticks! And then.... OMG!! I finally finally finally get to try these:

Yes, I have already eatin half of them! Coconut m&ms!!!

And everything all together!!


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