Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rapa Nui by Elevation Polish

This is Rapa Nui by Elevation Polish. This is my second polish from the brand. I had never honestly bothered to look twice at the brand. Nothing against the brand, it just never entered my radar. OH! MY! GOSH!! I have ZERO idea how I missed this polish. It is so stunning and beautiful. Its not something that is kind of meh in the bottle but amazing on. Its stunning every way you look at it. And its a total ME colour. So missing it shocks me even more. This was a gift from my wonderful Secret Ghoul from the secret Santa I organize.

This polish is a slate blue bordering on grey polish with red shimmer. It kind of gives a purple kind of tinge in some lights. There is so much depth in this colour it really stands out to me among the indie polishes. Its not a standard glitter.


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