Monday, October 1, 2012

Julep Maven Secret Store - November 2012 Edition

So I promised a few of you that I would show you all what was available for sale in the secret shop. I did not forget this promise. I am actually not going to be online at ALL today or tomorrow ( I hope when I am typing up today that it means Monday and this is out on time). I have typed this little message out ahead of time and a girlfriend of mine is HOPEFULLY going to finish this post and post it for you!!

Hello world. I am not sure exactly what Shayna wanted me to do but since I do not know what any of these things are without names, I will add the information that I think is pertinent. Fall runway inspired trio includes Michelle, Zoe and Trina. The On Trend Pedi Brights includes Melanie, Alma and Stefani. The Autumn Mani Must Haves is comprised of Jodie, Viola and Felicity. And the Pride and Joy set inculdes Molly, O Canada and Cuticle Oil. All of these four sets come in the Julep Tote Bag.

The America is beautiful set includes a tote bag filled with Gunta, America The Beautiful and Isla and the Pink Promise set includes Drew, Carrie and the Cuticle Oil. The pomegranite set includes the nail polish colour Jodie.


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