Friday, October 12, 2012

Nails Inc Bling It On Gift Set - In Stores NOW! (Not Online)

Encrust your nails like never before with Bling it on Rocks! Bling it on Rocks is easy to apply and will give you a show stopping finish.This brand new collection includes the following products:2 x Bling it on Rocks glitter pots, Black Taxi polish, Kensington Caviar top coat, Dusting brush, Application tray. Use this amazing collection to create full coverage dramatic effects on the nails using raw materials.

1. Pour a small amount of your chosen Bling it on Rocks into the application tray.
2. Apply one coat of Black Taxi nail polish to one nail.
3. Gently press your polished nail into the glitter whilst the polish is wet. Roll finger side to side to ensure nail is fully coated.
4. Gently press the glitter with your finger to secure it to the polish.
5. Dust off any glitter from your fingers, using the enclosed dusting brush.
6. Repeat on all nails7. Finish with one coat of Kensington caviar top coat to seal in the effect
8. Pour any remaining glitter from the tray back into the pot using the painted end of the application tray.
Hurry be the first to sport this stunning new glitter trend!

This set is not online but the cost is 30.00 Canadian at Sephora and is in store now. I assume it will be 25.00 American since that seems to be the difference in the sets usually. But I might be wrong on that American price!


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