Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Butter London Holiday Exclusives - Final Breakdown

Ok everyone! You have seen a lot of posts in the last month or so about all the new exlusives that Butter London has been putting out and if you are anything like me you must be VERY confused on where you can buy everything!! So here is all the info you need to hopefully make your holdiay shopping more easy!!

First and formeost. We actually ARE GETTING many of the exclusives. About a third of them! The following exclusives ARE available here. Just go to your local Holt Renfrew to pick them up! If you are not in a city that has a Holt Renfrew, just call Melanie Drain at 1-204-926-8105 or email her at Melanie.Drain@holtrenfrew.com. You can also purchase them online but for the service you will get I would call Melanie. It will also cost less in shipping! Sadly if you see one of the exclusives that I have not listed as being available in Canada it also means Butter London will not ship it to us.

Holt Renfrew Exclusives

Tee Total

Two Fingered Salute

Cake Hole


And of course the full holiday collection

Now for those lovely ladies in the United States, you of course can get your hands on:
Shades exclusive to Ulta:


Shades exclusive to Macy's:



Shades exclusive to Dillard's:

Shades exclusive to Nordstrom:
Billy No Mates

Stag Do

Two Fingered Salute

Shades Exclusivly Online

Sloane Ranger


And of course the holiday collection you can pick up at any of these places. Also, all these are available on the Butter London website.


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