Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moonalisa Chocolate Mint Lavender Bubbling Bath Brew

So this is the packaging. It comes in a ziplock bag in side a paper pouch. I gave this only 7 out of 10 as a possible score for the packaging part and let me explain why. I was gifted this. Meaning I had no idea what it was and needed to get all my info from the packaging. I noticed it said between a quarter and a half cup of product in the bath, but do you have any idea how much is in this bag? I hate when it doesn't tell you what you are getting. It turns out as you can see after I poured the entire bag into a half cup measuring cup that you get about a quarter of a cup. Now the fact that she says you need between a quarter and a half a cup I personally think she should have either given a half a cup or said you only need a quarter cup. But it is likely if you have a big bathtub or like a ton of bubbles you wont get enough. So its possible that this is LESS than a single portion. That is a big oversight on her part I think!

Now as you can see from the above pictures this actually bubbled quite a bit. I expect a bathtub full of bubbles and this did not let me down! A quarter cup was as it turns out a very good amount. But as you will notice below I only gave this a 5 out of 10 for bubbles. Let me show you why. Look at the next picture. That is FIFTEEN minutes later! I like bubbles to last through my 30 minute to 60 minute bath. I dont expect a full bathtub after an hour, but I expect some bubbles to be left. And I CERTAINLY expect bubbles to be there after only 15 minutes. So sadly this lost major points in that area.

Now water texture was a hard one. I gave it a 5. There was nothing wrong with the water texture. There was nothing good about the water texture. It was just water. But if you will look closely in the third and fourth water pictures, you will notice that there are lines where it didn't all dissolve. This didn't cause a problem but it was worth noting. I noticed no difference in the quality of the water in any way.

Now smell. I opened the package and though, its ok. Nothing fantastic. Then I added it to the water and WOW! You could really smell it! It was quite a lovely smell though it was subtle. Nothing too sweet that it should turn someone off. Overall I really enjoyed the smell!!

So as this was gifted to me I have no clue what the cost so I am disregarding it in the review. So all in all 25/40 was its final tally. Not a bad score, but certainly not great. I would not warn anyone away from this brand at all but at the same time, I have tried others that I personally feel were much better!

Have you tried Moonalisa products before? If so what did you think?


  1. I appreciate that you dont just do polish, but everything pampering! Thank you thank you :)

  2. Just wanted to clarify that the item you reviewed is a free sample (and sized) product that MoonaLisa puts in every order. She actually gives 2 free samples per order. The packaging and label are different on the full sized BBBs. They are $10.95 for 10 ounces.

  3. Your review of the bath brew is great. I love all the pics and reasoning behind your points given. Moona's products are amazing. I got a sample of a bath brew and it smelled delicious. It came in a clear baggie with a basic label without directions. As it is a smaple it is a single use sample. I imagine that so was the one you received. Her scents are different creations and lovely. I wouldn't purchase any bath brews as I currently am not able to use anything in my baths but her scrubs, mists and so on are worth the wait.



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