Monday, October 22, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadows In 31, 319, 354, 356 and 397

I have shown you Inglot eyeshadows previously and introduced you to the Freedom System. Last time I went in to an Inglot store I picked up a few nail polishes for friends (I was given a shopping list before I went to NYC) and debated purchasing another palette. In the end I decided it was not in the budget at the time but I did decide which 5 colours I wanted if and when I got another palette. 

Well, my parents were on a trip and I made sure to give my mom the list of colours I wanted "just in case". And what came home with my parents? The palette I wanted!!! This time I thought I would show it to you empty first. 

This is the empty Palette. 

And these are the five eyeshadows I chose.

The numbers are on the back of the shadow pans. Unfortunately they are not named and the numbers are only on the back. Take my word for it, and if you get a palette make sure you keep track of what colours you got. Because if you want to check, it involves taking the shadows out of the palette which is NOT easy. It took me 20 minutes to get all my moms eyeshadows out (with a safety pin and A LOT of patience) to figure out which colours she had.

The shadows come just in the thin pans so you want to make sure to buy whichever pan you want! They come in ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, tens, twenties, and a forty shade palette.

You can see the magnets taking up the base of each well. They are STRONG!

As you can see, there is no risk of shadows falling out once they are in.

And the palettes attach together by just the sheer force of the magnets.

My three palettes:

I have no plans of purchasing anymore palettes or shadows from the brand. Its nothing against the brand, but seeing as I have as many as I now do, and how much eyeshadow I have in general I think I need to lay off ALL eyeshadows for the next...... well, forever!! Haha! I am no naive enough or dumb enough to even pretend I will never buy another eyeshadow again, but I am fairly determined to NOT buy anymore until AT LEAST the end of next year.

That's right. I am saying it publicly right here and now. I am on an eyeshadow NO BUY for the rest of this year and through all of 2013. 

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  1. HI, these are the nicest palettes i have ever seen :)
    I want also to purchaise some of them but i have no shops here . so only internet.
    Can you say what is better the freedom system of 5 or 10 pads i mean in order to organaze or to use . What is more practical for you?
    And i saw also you have the palette of Dior 5 eyeshadows. Could you compare the quality of these 2 brands . What can you say and what do u prefer finally . Do you have maybe one of Chanel 4? Could you copmare them too? It would be very useful for me .
    Thank you.



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